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Learn to Negotiate Like the Pros…Today!

Faster Approvals…Bigger Profits…More Commissions

Not Getting Your Deals Approved? Fed up with Loss Mitigation Red Tape?Then take all the guesswork out of negotiating with the banks!

Listen to these “LIVE Loss Mitigation Calls” and you’ll know exactly how to Negotiate Like the Pros INSTANTLY!


Listen to Actual Live Recorded Short Sale Bank Negotiation Calls where you can hear me…

Pocket $23,600 negotiating past loss mit roadblocks
Bank $74,854 by forcing a 2nd bpo
Convince the bank to waive a $77,000 2nd lien deficiency
Negotiate a short sale offer to the top of the pile
Negotiate past “Offer’s too low,” & “We’re closing the file”
Negotiate a massive $138k discount & get bank to take $1k
Postpone the auction THE DAY BEFORE THE FC SALE

The ONE Skill You MUST Have
to Close Lots of Deals

You can know how to market for leads, learn what it takes to get the homeowner to trust you enough to work with you, know what paperwork to use, find the money to do the deal, have lots of buyers lined up to buy the house, create fancy ‘virtual’ investing systems…

But if you don’t know how to negotiate the deal, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. All the marketing and systems in the world won’t get the deal done.

Everything hinges on the negotiation. EVERYTHING!

The biggest complaints about short sales are…

“The bank’s taking forever to respond to our offer.”
“The mitigator said my offer’s too low.”
“The bank’s not calling me back.”
“They said they’re closing the file.”
“The bank wants more money than the house is worth.”
“The lender won’t postpone the foreclosure auction.”

Absolutely No Guesswork. Stupid Simple.
You ‘Get It’ the 1st Time Through

No Hiding. No Faking it.
Raw, real, negotiations with loss mitigators,
customer service, managers, and supervisors.

Real Life Negotiations with the banks!!!

Close your eyes. Imagine that you’re in an office. I’m in the office right next to yours, and there’s a door that separates us. The door is slightly open. There’s a phone on your desk, a few feet away from where you’re standing.

On the other side of the door, I’m on the phone…talking to a loss mitigator at the bank. I’m negotiating to get a short sale approved.

Now, you KNOW I’m on the phone with the bank. You WANNA KNOW what’s being said. You can barely hear me. Curiosity is killing you.

“What are they talking about? What are they saying? How’s Dean gonna get this deal done?”

So, being the curious person you are, you tiptoe to your desk, quiet as a mouse. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. You quietly pick up the phone…ever so gently…and cup your hand over the mouthpiece and eavesdrop on the conversation between me and the bank.

It’s as if you’re a ‘fly on the wall’ for the entire negotiation. So the question is…what would rather do?

Follow a template you bought on how to Negotiate, or ‘Listen In’ on actual Bank Negotiations?

Master Short Sale Negotiations Academy:
Loss Mitigation Negotiations Recorded LIVE!

LIVE Recorded short sale bank negotiations. Designed so you can listen to the audios just once and then start DOING IT.

The wonderful thing about these calls you’re gonna hear is that the strategies, secrets, tactics, and techniques are timeless. They won’t go stale or lose their impact. They’re evergreen.

You’ll learn how to posture yourself, how to ask the right questions, how to answer objections, when to act, when to pull back, and how to negotiate effectively for maximum profile.

Listen and Watch online, or download the audios and videos to listen and watch at your convenience. It’s your choice.

Here’s what you get:

9 hours of audio training

Listen to these audios just once, and you’ll know how to negotiate like a pro immediately. You’ll know more that 98% of the folks out there trying to negotiate deals, hoping the bank faxes them an approval letter, waiting by the phone expecting the mitigator to call them back.

53 LIVE negotiation calls with commentary

You not only get to hear and experience over 50 live recorded calls, you get to hear the inside scoop on every facet of each call and each negotiation. Every little strategy, all the subtleties that make a world of difference in a negotiation. Tips and nuances that NO ONE else has heard or experienced that can make the difference between offer approval and denial; the single response or question that’s the difference between making a $3000 profit or banking a $30,000 profit.

19 modules, all in chronological order:

These modules take you step by step through the short sale negotiating process. You get to HEAR me on live recorded mitigation calls deal with every aspect of the short sale process. From loan authorization submission to offer submission; to getting an update on your offer, to handling a file in review; to dealing with ALL types of loss mitigators… challenging, difficult, mitigators that make your head spin; from dealing with every objection and knowing how to respond and knowing exactly what to say. You hear me negotiate substantial…and many times MASSIVE… discounts on 1st liens and junior liens.

You hear me postponing foreclosure auctions the night before the auction! You hear me negotiating extensions to close the deal and fund. These modules provide Easy access to any step in the negotiation process.

If you need to expedite a file…BOOM! You can go right to that module. Need to know how to postpone the auction fast? ZING! You’re there!

Transcripts of all the audio modules… 400 pages of Gold

Lots of folks like the written word. You get every single call, all 19 modules, and commentary transcribed for you.

7 hours of negotiating video tutorials

Even if you don’t listen to the actual calls (but I know you will, because you’re just too darned curious to get the ‘dirt’…nobody can resist eavesdropping!) these training videos spell out the entire short sale and loss mitigation negotiating process. These tutorials are a dream come true if you do loan mods as well. I cover every inch of negotiations. Dealing with a hardball second lien? You’ll find the answer right here. Don’t know how to handle “You’re offer’s too low?” No worries. An arsenal of sure fire responses right at your fingertips.

14 video modules

These 7 hours of videos take you through the entire negotiating process. In order. You get step by step instruction on every single detail when dealing with loss mitigation. How to posture yourself, what to say, how to say it, how to handle objections, critical do’s and don’ts you can’t afford to be without.

And like the audios, these video modules provide Easy access to any step of the short negotiation process.

You get to hear exactly…

What to Say, How to Say it, When to Say it, and Why to Say it.

Here’s what you learn from listening to these LIVE recorded Loss Mitigation Negotiation calls…

Module 1:
Intro to Negotiating

  • Why most investors and realtors avoid negotiating
  • How to identify the thing in you that causes you to fail… and how to overcome it
  • How this program will have you LOVING negotiating with the banks
  • How to move past blocks and fears…so you can negotiate like the pros
  • How to negotiate with ANYONE at the bank…customer service, loss mitigation, processors, managers, and supervisors
  • How to save MONTHS and YEARS of shooting in the dark
  • The infinite ways “Fly on the Wall” will catapult your success
  • Close more deals…by listening to LIVE LOSS MITIGATION CALLS and simply repeating what I do
  • Knowing what works and what doesn’t…negotiating do’s and don’ts

Module 2:
Getting Loan Information

  • How to get loan info…without waiting DAYS
  • How to put the short sale package together the RIGHT WAY
  • What to do when the bank says, “It takes 72 hours to get you into the system”
  • How to position yourself with customer service…to get your loan info fast
  • Why you need to separate yourself from the pack when talking to the bank…and HOW to do it
  • The key questions to ask…and how to ask them
  • Strategies to get customer service to spill the beans on information mitigators don’t want you to know
  • Key qualities, behavior, and ways to get what you want
  • Learning how to ask the right questions…to get the exact answers you need
  • How to get phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, and names that the banks don’t want you to have
  • How you can help the bank get what they want…so you get what you need

Module 3:
Offer Submission

  • How to get leverage…so your offer gets seen before other files
  • How to submit your offer…for maximum success
  • How to control the deal…without being adversarial
  • How to position yourself in the negotiation…for greatest success
  • What question to ask…to get direct contact info for the banks, reps, and mitigators
  • How to leave voice messages for maximum results

Module 4:
Offer Update

  • What NOT to say when talking to the bank
  • How to present yourself to the bank…to get what you want
  • Find out how banks determine value…and gain a negotiating advantage
  • What you’re up against…and how to overcome it
  • Getting the information you need…in the quickest time possible
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT number in short sales…and why you need to know it
  • Knowing how to base your offer…so you don’t pay too much
  • Getting offer update information…and the inside scoop
  • Short sale approval process revealed…LIVE
  • How to get to the people in charge…the decision makers

Module 5:
Scheduling and Forcing the BPO

  • How to force the BPO…so you can negotiate your offer
  • Best strategies for speaking with mitigators…to get info others never get
  • How to Influence the BPO…hear it LIVE
  • Knowing the difference between interior and exterior BPO
  • Forcing an interior BPO…even when the bank refuses
  • How subprime lenders save money with the BPO…and hinder negotiations
  • How to control the BPO…for maximum success
  • Best strategies for influencing the BPO…ethically
  • How to influence the BPO…WITHOUT meeting the appraiser or BPO agent
  • Why making contact with the BPO agent is critical to your success
  • How to negotiate with different BPO agent personality types…and what to say to each
  • The MAGIC words to use when influencing the bpo…legaly, ethically, truthfully
  • How to influence the BPO…when you’re not there!
  • How to get the BPO agent or appraiser to give you the value…their best kept secret
  • What you MUST tell the homeowner…before the BPO is performed
  • How to get the homeowner working for you…to influence the BPO

Module 6:
Scheduling and Forcing the BPO Part 2

  • What EXACT WORDS to use when talking to a BPO agent
  • How to POSITION yourself…to get them to give YOU information…
  • The BPO…where most investors fall far short
  • Establishing the right rapport with BPO agents…and why it’s so important
  • How to talk to BPO agents and appraisers…so you get what you need
  • What to reveal…and what to hold back
  • What to ask when the agent refuses to give reveal the value
  • What SINGLE question to ask when all else fails…to get the agent to reveal the value What NEVER to assume when a BPO agent contacts you to do a BPO
  • Two things can hurt your negotiations with the agent
  • The key question to ask the bank to get them to reveal the BPO value

Module 7:
Negotiating with a Difficult Loss Mitigator

  • How to negotiate with a control freak
  • How to get what you want from a mitigator who won’t give answers to your questions
  • What to avoid when dealing with someone who could care less about you
  • What to do when you get ‘shut down’ at every turn
  • What to do when you know the mitigator tells you you’re wrong…and you know you’re right
  • What not to do…and why it’s dangerous
  • The ONE THING you do that can kill a negotiation
  • How to handle the objection, “You’re offer’s too low”
  • How to negotiate a 1st and 2nd lien with the same bank
  • What you must know to negotiate for greatest profit and success
  • What you need to know to gain the best leverage
  • The information that’s critical for getting the bank to take your offer
  • The reality that banks must face…and how to get them to recognize it
  • The 2 definitions of ‘Fair Market Value’ and how they differ in the sides of a negotiation
  • How to negotiate a lower price…and what you need BEFORE you start talking
  • Key phrases that diffuse ANY difficult situation
  • What every human being needs…and how to use it in a negotiation
  • What position NOT to take when negotiating
  • The attitudes that can destroy your negotiation
  • How to prepare for the negotiation
  • How to handle objections to your offer
  • What to do to stay in control of the negotiation
  • What you should NEVER give up or relinquish when negotiating
  • How to strengthen you position
  • The ONE THING you must always do to be successful negotiator

Module 8:
Negotiating with a Difficult Loss Mitigator Part 2

  • What to be aware of and pay attention to when speaking with a mitigator
  • What must happen to have official offer approval
  • What to never assume when it comes to offer approval
  • What essential factors determine short sale approval…and how knowing them gives you leverage
  • Key ways to turn a negotiation from sour to sweet
  • How to rush a negotiation on junior liens
  • How to negotiate junior lienholders to take pennies on the dollar
  • The SINGLE THING to put you in the negotiator’s driver’s seat with junior lienholders
  • How to negotiate with junior lienholders for greatest effect
  • How to work the junior lien…and what NOT to do
  • The One Thing to do before you even start negotiating the junior lienholders
  • The biggest time saver when dealing with junior liens
  • What to do when a bank ‘goofs up’ big time
  • What to do to gain big points when negotiating…the thing you never considered
  • The attitude you must adopt when you MUST get approval on a jr lien
  • THE MAJOR piece of information to know to get the bank to drop a possible deficiency judgment
  • What to do to get answers to your offer FASTER

Module 9:
Negotiating a File in Review

  • Why some offers take forever to review…and what you can do about it
  • What to do when the bank can’t find your authorization in their system
  • How to ask the right questions…to get exactly what you want
  • How to communicate effectively for maximum results
  • How to negotiate HARD…without offending or ticking off the mitigator
  • What to do when you can’t get the mitigator to take your calls
  • The one HABIT you must adopt for effective negotiations
  • What to say when your file is stalled
  • How to escalate your file to a decision maker
  • The BIG strategy you should never abuse
  • How to negotiate when you’re not getting the answers you need
  • How to get huge leverage when negotiating

Module 10:
Jekyll and Hyde

  • How to negotiate with mitgators with ‘split’ personalities
  • What to avoid when negotiating with an unreasonable mitigator
  • How to diffuse a negotiation that spins out of control
  • How to negotiate discounts even when the bank says ‘We wont’ take less.’
  • The one you must never do when negotiating price
  • How to lead the bank where you want to take them
  • How to handle a runaway negotiation
  • What specific expectations can kill a deal
  • What is ‘blank slating’ and why is it so important
  • What two things are like oil and water…and how to know the difference when negotiating
  • Reaction v. Response…the crucial difference in negotiations
  • How you communicate EFFECTIVELY…and why you need to pay attention to it
  • What is “Active listening”… and how it gets you what you want
  • Where to focus the conversation…it’s not what you think

Module 11:
Stand Your Ground

  • How much information to reveal to the bank…a very fine line
  • How to Bring a buyer to the table…in RECORD TIME
  • How to price your short sale property to sell in ONE WEEK
  • The ONE QUESTION you must ask your listing agent
  • What to do when the bank says, “we’re closing the file”
  • What to say when the bank says, “You need to come up in your offer”

Module 12:
Stand Your Ground Part 2

  • The ULTIMATE KEY to negotiating success
  • Your Secret Weapon in any negotiation
  • Using humor…good or bad?
  • How to get the lender to pay for fees and assessments
  • Why vacant homes give you great leverage and bigger discounts…
  • How to capitalize on the condition of the property for greatest advantage
  • Why it’s crucial to do this single thing in any negotiation
  • When the mitigator doesn’t have all the information…and how to use it to your advantage
  • How to turn a negotiation completely around…even when it seems everything’s in the bank’s favor
  • How to stand your ground…and get what you want
  • “Who are you?”…determining your role in the negotiation
  • Offer/Counteroffer…the right way to negotiate
  • What to do when you’re getting no response from the assigned mitigator
  • A BRILLIANT negotiating strategy that puts more money in your pocket
  • The one simple thing you must do to prevent you’re deal from going nowhere or falling apart
  • How to SPEED UP the review process to get answers and your offer accepted

Module 13:
What the Hell’s Going On?

  • How to avoid starting over when your file changes mitigators
  • What you must do to stay on top of the negotiation
  • How to handle ‘you said, I said’ conflicts
  • Why you must avoid this type of negotiation at all costs
  • How to turn a dead negotiation completely around
  • What to do when it seems the deck is completely stacked in the bank’s favor
  • How to respond when you’re contradicted at every turn
  • Never do this when it seems you’re being shut down and contradicted
  • What NOT to do when things get heated in a negotiation
  • What one tactic is so important in a negotiation…and how to use it for greatest success

Module 14:
Handling Mitigation Screw Up: 1st Lien

  • When misinformation and miscommunication hinder the deal…and what to do
  • What to do when an end buyer’s been waiting and waiting
  • What to do when the the auction is days away…and there’s no short sale approval
  • How to negotiate when things seem totally screwed up
  • What to do to diffuse a tense situation
  • Resolving conflict when both sides are far apart on price AND don’t see eye to eye
  • The secret to avoiding saying something that could kill a negotiation

Module 15:
Negotiating Hardball Junior Lien Mitigators

  • What to do when the 2nd wants more money than the 1st will allow
  • Why jr lienholders consistently ask for more money…even though the 1st allows only $3k max
  • The one question to ask when the jr lienholder won’t budge
  • Why banks NEED YOU…and the PROOF
  • What the banks know that YOU must know
  • What to avoid at all costs in any negotiation
  • Why mindset is so important in any negotiation
  • What to do when the mitigator is fixed on getting more than you want to give
  • What NOT to assume each time you call the bank
  • When mitigators tell you this ONE THING…take it with a grain of salt
  • The EXACT message to leave when the bank isn’t returning your call…when they said they would
  • The 7 steps to leaving a great phone message for loss mitigation
  • What your listing agent must tell your end buyer…or else
  • When to give the 2nd lieholder more money, and when to stand your ground

Module 16:
Negotiating Extension to Close the Deal

  • What NOT to do when you have approval and there’s not enough time to close the deal
  • What you should know about the short sale bank and meeting a funding deadline
  • How to negotiate more time to fund the deal
  • The most effective way to get an extension to close
  • What happens if you need to ask for another extension?
  • What to say when you need an extension to close
  • What to do when the due date to fund has expired…and you haven’t closed the deal
  • How to negotiate with a mitigator who doesn’t want to extend the funding date
  • The strategy for getting what you want
  • The little ‘push’ that tips the scale in your favor
  • The one thing you MUST get from the lender when you get an extension to close
  • What your title company or closing agent MUST have to extend the closing

Module 17:
Negotiating Auction Postponement and the Unexpected

  • Reasons to postpone the auction
  • The PRIMARY thing a bank needs to consider postponing
  • THE MOST important factor in getting an auction postponed
  • The EXACT voicemail message to leave when requesting an auction postponement
  • What exact words to say to get the auction postponed
  • How to get the auction postponed the day before foreclosure
  • How to get past ‘barrier to entry’ in negotiations
  • How to negotiate when the ‘unexpected’ pops up
  • What to do when the mitigator throws a wrench in the works
  • How to handle a ‘last minute’ negotiating crisis

Module 18:
Negotiating Auction Postponement and the Unexpected Part 2

  • The factor that can really affect an auction postponement…in YOUR FAVOR
  • What NOT to fear when negotiating
  • Is it really worth negotiating a short sale on a totally destroyed property?
  • Are major rehabs worth short selling?
  • Appraisal v. BPO…how does the bank determine which one to do?
  • How to know what someone will pay for a house
  • Vital factors that determine big paydays
  • A very cool technique to give you the ‘one up’ when negotiating
  • The ‘Ju Jitsu’ negotiating strategy that’ll blow you away…and make you more money
  • What to do when the bank asks for a ‘prequal letter’
  • How to get the 1st to allow more money be paid to the 2nd

Module 19:
When the 2nd Lienholder Can Kill the Deal

  • How to negotiate with a hardball mitigator and a difficult lender
  • What I did and what you should not do when negotiating
  • How to negotiate with a mitigator that doesn’t like investors
  • What to do when a mitigator shuts you down…and refuses to negotiate
  • The key to bouncing back after getting ‘shut down’…and the deal is dead in the water
  • The one thing that can sway a jr lienholder to approve the short sale
  • What to do when all else fails

Master Short Sale Negotiations Academy gives you all the tools and strategies you need to go out and negotiate massive short sale discounts with the banks…by hearing ACTUAL, LIVE calls with Loss Mitigation.

All you need to do is listen to the calls, pick up the phone, dial, and repeat after me. Lather…Rinse…Repeat.

Wait! There’s More.
You Also Get…

Funding for your Deals… Finding the cash to do the deals is one of the biggest roadblocks in real estate investing. Investors and realtors who truly want to get in the game are always asking, “Where am I gonna find the money to do deals? I don’t know anyone.” (value: $1597 fee waived)

Well, that’s not the case anymore. You’ll get direct access to my personal transactional lender for your short sales. And that being the case, there’s no more excuses NOT to do deals! It’s time to suit up and play ball!

Get Started Right Now!

Master Short Sale Negotiations Academy:
Loss Mitigation Negotiations Recorded LIVE!

Get instant membership access to everything just described: 19 audio modules including 53 loss mitigation calls, 14 advanced negotiating video modules, 400 pages of audio transcripts, PLUS bonuses for only $997!

Learn to Negotiate Like the Pros and generate bigger profits and more commissions in no time! Join Now and gain EXCLUSIVE access to these live recorded bank negotiations that will skyrocket your success.


Test drive the first two weeks of my four week system. If you feel you didn’t get your money’s worth with these LIVE RECORDED LOSS MITIGATION NEGOTIATION Calls, I’ll give you your money back. And you get to keep the audios, videos, and transcripts! The risk is all mine.

P.S. Get the program and listen to the calls. Then pick up the phone, call the bank, and start using what you heard. It’s really that simple. The only thing that would stop you PRIOR to getting this program is fear. But now there’s NOTHING standing in your way of knowing how to negotiate like the pros. Why? Because “Master Short Sale Negotiations Academy” has the answers. You’ll know how to negotiate massive discounts with confidence and power.

P.P.S. Napoleon Hill, who wrote the classic “Think and Grow Rich,” said, “Successful and accomplished people take action and are decisive by nature.” The formula to success is pretty simple, actually. So ask yourself: Are you decisive? Do you take action?

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